Handmade and Fabulous: Maxi Dresses

Let’s face it: most, if not all, of us have undergone interesting phases in our otherwise ordinary lives. Some are of the cringe-inducing variety we’d rather forget, others less so. I have one that falls somewhere in the middle which started when I was in junior high. I call it my ‘rooster’ phase, so-called because at its peak, I refused to go out of the house without a perfectly teased and sprayed hair mound sitting atop my head, not unlike a rooster’s distinctive red comb. Thank goodness this was the 80s, and others were into much more cringe-worthy things than I was.

More recently, I find myself in the throes of yet another phase, one that has slowly yet steadily engulfed me. De-cluttering my wardrobe to prepare for another relocation (this time to Singapore), I realised that for the past year, I basically lived in maxi dresses. Some I bought, but most I made myself. This I call my ‘Nicole’ phase, named after the Queen of the Maxi Dress herself, Nicole Richie. Don’t misunderstand, I am nowhere as famous nor as thin as she but we share the same love for the laid-back, bohemian charm of a floor-skimming maxi.

A gallery of my handmade maxi dresses follows.

Top Row (L-R) :

Basic Black Maxi, my comfiest dress ever made of the softest cotton elastene; The mustard yellow replica of my favorite Basic Black Maxi; Ikat Print Maxi which was a present for my sis-in-law.

Bottom Row (L-R):

Another version of Basic Black Maxi, this time with butterfly print; Animal Print Maxi with elasticated tube top; Batik Maxi Dress

I will post a tutorial on making a simple maxi dress one of these days. Stay tuned!


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