Handmade and Fabulous: Of Fitted Sheets and Pillow Cases

We’ve just moved house – again. Just as we were getting cosy in our Singapore apartment, life threw in another surprise. After three whole months in the Lion Country, we found ourselves repacking up our lives and boarding a plane towards my home country, the Philippines. Another three weeks of intense condo-hunting ensued and just last week, we moved into a three-bedder in Makati, our 7th home in the past 12 years. It is strategically located  in front of a park that holds the famous Salcedo weekend market, a place of  gastronomic delights that reels in the unsuspecting. The first time I visited this food haven, I went crazy and sampled nearly everything on offer. My shorts was uncomfortably snug by the time I left but felt not a tinge of  guilt or regret.

Where was I? Ah, yes, the condominium. This is our first week in our new place and my nesting instinct is in overdrive –  every wall is a blank canvass, each room a dead space waiting for my creative touch to bring it to life (that’s what I tell myself, anyway). Of course, this honeymoon period doesn’t last and most walls will remain blank until it’s time to move again. But for now, I am nesting and I indulge myself. So for my next project, I decided to make my son’s bed – with a handmade fitted sheet and matching pillow cases.

My son is ten and has very simple requirements : the material must be soft to the touch, in shades of either blue or grey or green, soft to the touch, funky… and soft to the touch. This fabric ticks everything, except that it is not ‘funky’ enough for a ten-year-old. But four out of five is good and with his majesty’s blessing I set off making his bed partners.

The not-so-funky but ultra-soft fabric
His room is still a dead empty space except for that nicely dressed bed
Another angle, bed skirt in the pipeline…
Plumped up pillow cases
Side view
And there he is, the cheeky monkey!

This fitted-sheet-and-pillow-cases set is sooooo easy to make! So easy in fact that you’ll be laughing  from an IKEA bedroom section all the way to your bank. Why spend a fortune on bed linens when you can make one yourself, in a fabric of your choice for a third of the price? Do come back in a few days for the tutorial!

UPDATE: I also made a set for our bed. I probably would’ve made a third if we had a third bed 🙂

Till next time,


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