Handmade and Fabulous: The Belted Shorts

Swelteringly hot days followed by nights so humid the condominium sometimes feels like one giant sauna. Summer has definitely arrived  in my tropical paradise.

By the middle of May the lure of  powdery, white sand and turquoise waters proved too strong to resist. When some visiting friends from Germany casually mentioned Boracay, my husband and I volunteered ourselves as their tour guides.  Buzzing with excitement, I booked our flights, excused our son from school, and started an inventory of my clothes. As I stood there confronted by a wardrobe full of clothes, I realised I have nothing to bring to the beach! Sounds all too familiar, I know.

My old, unenlightened (in the art of sewing) self would have marched straight to her favourite high street shops for a dose of retail therapy; these days, one would likely find me holed up in the workroom. A week before our flight, I gravitated towards the cabinet that holds my fabric stash and started pulling out yards of chiffons and cottons and linens and polyesters, all crying out to be made into something. Who am I to resist? And so I embarked on a sewing frenzy which saw me churn out five outfits in five days. That’s a lot, even for me.  My husband said I was crazy- I always pull this stunt at the eleventh hour, sewing until the last minute. He’s right. But I thought spending a fortune on clothes that I can make for a fraction of the price, with his credit card, is even crazier. I told him as much; he left me alone.

Belt it Out

The first thing that came out of that crazy sew-fest is this belted pair of shorts from the left-overs of my shirtdress.

The belted shorts in khaki Irish linen
The clean, plain back shows off a smaller bum

I have made a few pairs of shorts before but this is the first time I attempted a ‘pork-chop’ pocket, so-called for its deep U-shape that hangs inside the shorts, from the hip to the side seam. It was fun making it and I liked how ‘professional’ my pockets looked.

The ‘pork chop’ pocket – don’t ask me why

This is also the first time I dabbled in waist/hip bands, belt loops and all. And to top all that, I made a belt in matching fabric. I think the belt tied everything together, literally.

And here I am taking my newest pair of shorts for a stroll. It was only after that I realised I made them a teeny weeny on the short side. To avoid looking like a wanna-be Daisy Duke, I always wear it with a looser top- preferably a cotton shirt like this one.

Fancy making one for yourself? I have put together a short tutorial on how to make your very own belted shorts. Do drop by in a few days!

Keep on sewin’



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