No-Sew Project: Recycled Wedges

We all have one: a pair of shoes so comfortable and versatile we wear it with anything and everything. Mine was a very simple pair of dark brown leather wedges with beige raffia-covered heels. They fit my rather curvy feet perfectly and although it is sling-back, I never felt like I had to walk a certain way to keep them on (yeah, you know what I mean). I wore them with everything: short dresses, long dresses, short shorts, longish shorts, wide-legged trousers, skinny jeans. I wore them when it’s sunny, I wore them in the rain. I got a good few months out of them before I noticed the raffia heels looking a little worse for wear. I’m actually being kind. Here’s one of them.


They looked really tatty and I know I can’t wear them again without looking unkempt, but the thought of binning them filled me with a certain sadness. And so I put them away for a while, hoping they’d grow new heels in the closet.  Well, today, I finally took them out of hiding and did what I should have done months ago: rip the offending raffia off the wedge heels.


I panicked a bit when I saw the naked wedge- I didn’t realise how ugly they are underneath that dirty raffia covering. I just wanted to cover them up as quickly as possible. Two options: braided leather or jute cords. Braided leather would have added a luxe feel to the shoes but would have entailed too much work. And truth be told, I wasn’t up to doing too much work these past few weeks. So jute cords it is.

Armed with the mother of super glue and a roll of jute cords, I set out to breathe new life into these rather sad-looking pair of wedges.



A couple of hours and two glue-hardened thumbs later,


I think the pair is good for another 6 months. I must remember to skip puddles.

Till next time!


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