Bags of Hope

In the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, hope dimmed and flickered for the Filipinos. Most of us lost something; some of us, everything. But slowly, through little acts of kindness and magnanimity from fellow Filipinos and the global community, the embers of hope are reigniting. This inspired me to create ‘Bags of Hope’, a collection of limited edition bucket bags and messenger bags made of sturdy Irish linen, indigenous Ifugao weave, and canvas.

Each bucket bag features an artwork that I stencilled and hand-painted to the fabric shell. The artwork is my rendition of the word ‘HOPE’, using scripts from Alibata, the ancient- and forgotten- Filipino alphabet. Profit from sale of these bags went to my high school batch’s fundraising drive for Isla Naburot, a community of fisher-folks near my home town, whose  bancas (fishing boats) were destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda. The goal is to donate 2 or 3 bancas so they can start fishing again and rebuild their lives.

These are my ‘Buckets of Hope’.

Bucket of Hope in Yellow
Bucket of Hope in Green
Bucket of Hope in Blue
Bucket of Hope in Red
Bucket of Hope in Orange


The messenger bag features the same ‘HOPE’ artwork, but this time in cut-out suede. These are my ‘Messengers of Hope’.

Messenger of Hope in Yellow
Messenger of Hope in Red


We all do what we can to help, to keep hope alive.




What do you think?

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