Stitching Resources

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A haven for bag makers and bag designers. The site is a one-stop shop for all the bag notions and accessories you’ll ever need to make that cute little purse for your sister or that oversized tote for your fashionista friend. It also features useful tutorials to help you along this oft-times bumpy bag making road.

Purse Patterns

Free bag patterns galore for the bag crazy! Most free patterns are for personal use so do check on the site’s copyright policies before you embark on making 20 bags to sell.

Lazy Girl Designs

Features cute bag patterns that come with cute price tags. The site also sells notions such as Bag E-Bottoms, Handy Tabs, and Rulers.

Nicole Mallalieu designs 

Nifty tips and tutorials exposing the mysterious world of interfacing, wadding, and batting.

Sew, Mama, Sew!

This website is enough to get those creative juices flowing. It has a shop with the prettiest fabrics and patterns, the coolest books, notions, toys, and all things to do with crafting and sewing. It also gives freebies regularly, to keep you coming back for more!

Sewing Pattern Review

If sewing was a country, then Sewing Pattern Review is its capital. The knowledge base is exhaustive: it has a shop, online classes, sewing and embroidery machines section, a blog, a merchant gallery, and a message board. This website was a godsend when I was researching sewing machines and overlockers last year. It convinced me that a Janome 6600 Memory Craft is a sound investment and invest I did.


Where all the craft-crazies are. And I meant that in a good way – after all, that’s where I am, too!

Dearest Jackdaw

Dearest Jackdaw is a small, independent business ran by Louise Knight Richardson who- in her own words – ‘likes to rummage for treasure and refashion un-loved clothing. Takes photos of everything. Collects buttons, vintage cameras, and lace’. What’s not to love?

The Sew Convert

A simple blog by a sewing convert.


The Home of Fashion Film, the stuff of every fashionista’s (the discerning, designing kind) dream. Show Studio draws the curtain and gives us a glimpse of what goes on behind the glossy world of high fashion. It features the best of global fashion film,  interviews with famous designers, interactive projects where established designers collaborate with creatives worldwide, in-depth analysis of the latest catwalk collections, and an exhibition space devoted to fashion and art. My favorite feature, however, is Design_Download, a section where famous designers like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Yohji Yamamoto reveal the pattern behind their iconic designs. Anyone brave enough to take on a the project can submit their own design interpretation and win a chance to show off it off.

Vintage Sewing Info

When I started sewing 2 years ago, I knew nothing about patterns, and less about drafting them. I’ve searched high and low, above and below and found this gem of a website. Vintage Sewing Info is not just about making vintage clothes – it lays the foundation for drafting patterns correctly which translates to clothes that fit, full stop.

Crafty Books

Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo

The book says: Pattern Cutting is the art of producing paper pattern from which a beautifully cut garment that fits well can be made. This book explores the process of flat pattern cutting, providing a thorough grounding in the skills that are essential for both designers and pattern cutters, combining basic knowledge about fabrics, styles and sizing systems with step-by-step instructions on how to create blocks and patterns.

I say: An indispensable resource for seamstresses serious about their craft. A worthwhile addition to any sewing library.

The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff

The book says: The possibilities for three-dimensional manipulation of fabric – gathering, pleating, tucking, shirring, and quilting woven materials – are seemingly endless. To describe them all would be to describe the entire history of sewing. In The Art of Manipulating Fabric, Colette Wolff has set herself just this task, and she succeeds brilliantly.

I say: If you love playing with fabrics, then you’ll love this book. Chock-full of illustrations, this book tackles the mystery of gathering, pleating, shirring, and quilting and will make an expert out of you.

Pattern Magic 2 by Tomoko Nakachimi

The book says: Available for the first time in English, Pattern Magic 2 is the cult pattern-cutting book from Japan, partner to the original title Pattern Magic. Step-by-step projects show you how to create stunning, sculptural clothes, using a creative approach to pattern making.

I say: It is what it says, and more. I can’t wait to get started on this delicious book.

10.20.30 Minutes to Sew by Nancy Zieman

The book says: It’s amazing how just a few minutes a day add up to completed projects!

I say: I completely agree! I have the 20-year-old version of this book, and it is one of the most useful gems I have. Thanks to my husband who saw it in a used books shop and saw past the cover 🙂


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