Sewing Museum

A museum of your very own masterpieces. If any of my tutorials has inspired you to design, create and finish a project, this is the place to show off your work. Come on, let’s have a look!

The Exhibits

Exhibit No. 1

Project: Alexander McQueen Kimono Jacket

Stitch Addict: Yaima Victoria

Tutorial Used: De-Mystifying Alexander McQueen’s Kimono Jacket

Yaima's version of the McQueen Kimono Jacket
Yaima’s version of the McQueen Kimono Jacket
And here she is wearing her own creation!
And here she is wearing her own creation!

Yaima: I’m Cuban-Chinese, 26 years old, living in Miami. I’m an unpublished romance writer/poet, painter and a 5 month old seamstress.  (real life job: insurance agent) I had never sewn a piece of fabric together in my life but found myself studying cut, finishes and material all the time. I took two, one hour classes at a local fabric store to learn the basics, bought myself an easy pattern and sat in front of the sewing machine.  It was a disaster but I realized the pattern I had bought wasn’t something I would likely ever wear so I went back and picked out a more advanced pattern.  I spent three weeks working on a two tone color block dress and from there it was as if I’ve always had my foot on the pedal.  haha.  I borrowed some books at the library, got plenty of advice from more experienced seamstresses I’ve met at the fabric store (they actually sit at the pattern table and give me mini classes on techniques) and my wonderful mother who taught herself how to sew oversees my novice mistakes and pulls my ears when my seams aren’t 100% perfect.  Alexander McQueen’s kimono jacket was like putting my knowledge to the test.  Selecting brocade silk was a ‘madness’ moment on my part.  Finding your tutorial was like winning the lottery and the finished product was a great accomplishment.  Now, I’m on my way to mixing patterns, drawing out my own and perfecting my technique.  The goal: to design.

Exhibit No. 2

Project: 1950’s Tea-Length Dress

Stitch Addict: Chuleenan Svetvilas

Tutorial Used: How to Line a Sleeveless Dress

Published with chuleenan's permission
Published with Chuleenan’s permission

Chuleenan Svetvilas, our fellow stitch addict who sews at, recently used the tutorial ‘How to Line a Sleeveless Dress’ to complete her dress which was a finalist to the BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern Contest. You can find Chuleenan’s beautiful, very vintage looking 1950’s style Tea-length dress by following this link.


3 thoughts on “Sewing Museum

  1. Hello! So great to hear from you.

    I am actually working on a 20’s era dress. I am drafting the pattern since I want to make it modern. (Wish me luck) Soon as I got something I’ll share with you!

    Thanks so much for posting my Alexander McQueen Jacket 🙂

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