Tutorial in Pictures: How to make The Belted Shorts

As promised, a long time ago, here is a short tutorial on how to make your own belted shorts. It is essentially the same as making the white linen shorts except that this has ‘pork chop’ pockets, though mine admittedly looked more like toast than chops of pork.

Step 1. Using the white linen shorts tutorial, cut the front and back parts of the shorts and sew together at the crotch.

Step 2. Cut curved edges on either side of the front piece. This will be the pocket openings.


Step 3. For the pockets, cut 4 squares of fabric 7 inches by 7 inches.  Cut a curved edge on two of the squares, matching the curved edges of the front piece.

Step 4. With right sides together, match the curved edges of the pocket ‘squares’ and the front piece and sew, as shown below:


Step 5.  Refer to the images below, clockwise from upper left corner: Flip the pocket flaps you just have just attached to the wrong side of the front piece;  take the other pocket squares and  match them to the flaps already sewn in; complete the pocket by sewing around the edges.


This is how the finished front piece looks like, with side pockets sewn in:


Step 6. Now, attach the front piece to the back piece of the shorts by sewing them together along one side (the non-zipper side, mind you), right sides together.

Step 7. Make the belt hoops by following the steps below. 5 or 6 of these should do it.


Step 8. Make the waistband by cutting two strips of rectangle each the same length as the waistline of your shorts. Fuse an interfacing on one of the strips. Arrange the belt hoops along the right side of one rectangle strip and pin or stitch in place. Put the other strip on top, with right sides together, and sew along the edge. Attach the completed waistband to the waistline of your shorts, as shown below:


Step 9. Sew in the invisible zipper using this tutorial.

Step 10. Hem the shorts using the fold-and-stitch technique found in this tutorial. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Step 11. (Optional) Make a belt by using a very long strip of fabric 5 inches wide, folding it horizontally in half and sewing the edges shut.

I see the short tutorial isn’t that short, but hope this helps!

Happy sewing,



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