Tutorials in Pictures

The day I took up sewing was the day I realised just how little I knew about it. Sure, I can thread a sewing machine quick enough and can manage a straight stitch straight enough – mandatory skills for someone whose grandmother sewed dresses for breakfast – but that’s about it. Lucky for me ,then, that I decided to follow into my grandma’s footsteps at a time when (almost) everything and anything is ‘google-able’. Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend but to a girl whose passions lie in silks and cottons, sewing tutorials are just as precious.

This section is all about tutorials, from the simple task of attaching zippers to your skirts to the mind-boggling mystery of attaching linings to your dresses. Each tutorial is flooded with photos, especially helpful to those who are more visually inclined (like me!)

And so without much ado, here are my tutorials in pictures. Enjoy!

Tutorial: Anatomy of a Cheongsam
Tutorial: De-Mystifying Alexander McQueen’s Kimono Jacket
Tutorial: How to Make the Belted Shorts
Tutorial: How to Make a Nautical Dolman Top
Tutorial: How to Make a Simple Maxi Dress
Tutorial: How to Make a Handkerchief Dress
Tutorial: How to Line a Sleeveless Dress
Tutorial: How to Attach Invisible Zippers
Tutorial: How to Make a Simple Tunic Dress
Tutorial: How to Make a Tiered or Gypsy Dress
Tutorial: Wrapping up a Wrap Dress
Tutorial: Making your own Fitted Sheet and Pillow Cases
Tutorial: The White Linen Shorts and Trousers
Tutorial in Pictures: The Shirtdress

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